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The Best Reflexology and Swedish Massage Therapy Spa in Arlington & Ballston, VA

Get the Best Swedish Massage and Spa Reflexology Massage Therapy in Arlington & Ballston, VA

Welcome to our site. Refresh Massage is the best spa you want to go when you need to get the best reflexology and Swedish massage therapy in Arlington and Ballston, VA. Our spa's services also include the best acupressure, deep tissue, and sports massage therapy for clients in Ballston, Arlington, and other nearby locations in VA.

CALL US TODAY for reservations. Our friendly and well-trained spa massage staff and therapists are ready to take on your calls.

Walk Into Arlington and Ballston, VA's Best Spa for Swedish and Reflexology

Refresh Massage has been providing expert and skilled massage therapy in Arlington and Ballston, VA for many years. We believe in the human body's natural healing abilities, and so we have worked around that concept while developing our best reflexology massage therapy and other massages like Swedish, sports, deep tissue, and combination massage therapy.

If our bodies are pressed and stimulated in the right areas, we can immediately rid ourselves from tiredness and even promote healing for some illnesses. A good Swedish massage should make you feel energized and relieve tensions in the body.

Trained Spa Therapists in Ballston and Arlington, VA

At Refresh Massage, all our spa therapists go through the best, expert, and hands-on training before they are actually able to accept clients. During training, our spa therapists learn from certified and experienced reflexology and Swedish massage teachers who impart all their knowledge and skills on how to properly conduct each type of massage therapy.

Spa therapists at Refresh Massage also know how to be courteous and sensitive to the needs of our clients. Simply let them know what body ailments you are experiencing or if you have any joints or muscles that are stiff or hurting and they can do a Swedish massage or recommend the appropriate message.

Whether you need a really authentic foot reflexology, deep tissue massage, or Swedish massage, we are confident that our spa therapists can bring you comfort and relieve you from your body pains. Aside from the best reflexology and Swedish massage, we also offer combination packages such as acupressure plus reflexology, Swedish massage plus sports massage, etc. We can help you combine the best therapy for your current condition.


Refresh Massage understands that every client in Ballston and Arlington, VA that enters our spa and avails of our massage therapy services are looking for ways to either relax, recuperate, or rejuvenate themselves from all the stress and work they face every day. That's why we've dedicated our efforts and studies on perfecting our reflexology massage therapy so that our clients in Ballston and Arlington, VA can truly have a satisfying experience every time they visit our spa.

MORE ABOUT OUR SPA's BACKGROUND and SERVICES in Arlington and Ballston, VA

Refresh Spa is a homegrown reflexology and Swedish massage therapy center serving majority of the residents of Arlington and Ballston, VA. We are committed in providing our clients with the best Swedish and reflexology therapy that can truly relieve them of not just body pain but also mental and emotional stress.

If you are in any sort of physical pain due to stiff joints, swollen muscles due to sports, or just need to relieve tension on your shoulders or legs, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We can attend to you needs promptly and with a smile!